Who We Are 2018-2019

Club Officers & Board Members


President - Richard Clagett

Immediate Past President - Ralph Chinn

President  Elect - Roy Foreman

Vice President - Steve Cohen

Secretary - Pat Winkelmayer

Asst. Secretary - Barbara Peletier

Treasurer - Carolyn Dryzga

Foundation Treasurer & Asst. Treasurer - Mark Page

Board of Directors

Joe Beall, term expires 9/30/2020

Mark Joseph, term expires 9/30/2021

Dave Landis, term expires 9/30/2019

Skip McComas, term expires 9/30/2020

Tom Southwell, term expires 9/30/2021

Ted Vanvick, term expires 9/30/2019

Sarah Walker, term expires 9/30/2019

For a detailed description of Officer duties and contact information, go to the bottom of this page to download pdf file..

Standing Committee Chairs

Intl. Understanding Chair - Ralph Chinn

Marketing/Media Chair - Dave Landis

Member Meeting/Event Chairs:

  • Breakfast Meet & Greet Chair - Wilma Chinn
  • Program Coordinator - Barbara Peletier
  • Breakfast Coordinator - Ralph Chinn
  • Charter Luncheon Chair - Barbara Peletier
  • December Holiday Chair - Barbara Peletier
  • Installation Dinner Chair - Barbara Peletier
  • Interclub Chair - Steve Cohen
  • Membership Chair - Lynne McAllorum
  • Membership Roster - Mary Page

Kiwanis Foundation Chair - Ralph Chinn

Website Chair - Carolyn Dryzga

Human & Spiritual Affairs - Rev. Dave Herr

For contact information, go to bottom of this page to download pdf file.

Fundraising Event Chairs

Hot Dog Sales - Barbara Peletier, Joe Beall

House Signs - Ralph Chinn

Italian Dinner - Ralph Chinn

Pancake Breakfast Events:

  • October - Tom Southwell, David Herr
  • February - Steve & Shelley Cohen
  • July - Ralph Chinn, Barbara Peletier

Priority One Collections - Jim Spicknall

Wine Tasting  & Auction - Char and Ted VanVick

Community Service Chairs

Blood Drive Canteen Support - Bill Purvis, Joe Beall

Breakfast with Santa - Ralph Chinn

Coat Drive - Kitty Wrench, Susan Wineke

Companion Dolls - Robin Beall

Food Drives - Tom & Barbara Southwell

Holiday Tree Decoration - Candy Foreman

Kiwanis Days of Service - Pat Winkelmayer

Meals on Wheels Treats - Barbara Peletier, Dave Landis

Salvation Army Bell Ringing - Stella Hartington

Toy Drive - Dave Landis