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Student Leadership PROGRAMS


Builders Club

Builders Club


Young Leaders (ages 6 - 12) Helping Others! -   K-Kids represent the youngest "Kiwanians" as they begin in elementary school what hopefully will become a step-by-step, life-long commitment to their schools and community. Our Kiwanis club supports the "Bucky Bucks" program, a citizenship improvement program at the school and a representative attends Student of the Month luncheons at least twice annually. 

Buckingham Elementary School

  • Kiwanis Advisors - Ralph and Wilma Chinn
  • Faculty Advisors -  Marie Fontello and Tanya Jones

Showell Elementary School

  • Kiwanis Advisor - Candy Foreman
  • Faculty Advisor - Evy Collins

Builders Club

Builders Club

Builders Club


Middle School and Junior High Students -   Builders Clubs are student-led. Intermediate/Middle School students learn to lead through serving others. As part of the Kiwanis family, Builders Club members build themselves as they build their schools and community. 

Berlin Intermediate School

Kiwanis Advisor -  Skip McComas

Faculty Advisor -  Jane Slotter

Stephen Decatur Middle School

Kiwanis Advisor - Jackie Todd

Faculty Advisors -  Mindy Ouelett and Heather Hand

Key Club

Builders Club

Key Club


High School Age Students

Key Clubs help high-school students develop their initiative, leadership abilities and citizenship skills. Students participate in community service activities and fundraisers and attend regular meetings of their clubs. Noteworthy individuals sometimes hold Division or District-Level Key Club offices. 

Stephen Decatur High School

Kiwanis Advisor - Roy Foreman

Faculty Advisors -  Sabra McIntosh, Stella  A. Mallone